Enable a TOR Hidden Service for a Clearnet Website

March 10, 2022 13:56

Russia's war in Ukraine has made it clear that there's a great need for bypassing state controlled firewalls to be able to access independent media. Yesterday Twitter announced that its service is now accessible using TOR. Twitter's onion service is available at


This is great news for anyone who's interested in privacy or lives under an oppressive regime.

I urge anyone running a website to make it available as an onion service.

Enable a Hidden Service for a Clearnet Website

Here's a great post by Jamie Scaife explaining how you can forward a hidden service to a clearnet website. It's surprisingly straightforward.

Obviously, this isn't for someone who's trying to hide their website completely. It's targeted towards people who want to offer an anonymous onion service for their clearnet website. Basically, it's using a hidden service as a kind of reverse proxy in front of the clearnet website.

Mainstreaming TOR

Usually, TOR and the darkweb has been linked to malicous and illegal activities like drug trade. Now that services like Twitter, Facebook, The BBC and New York times are available as onion services, I think it's clear that TOR is becoming more mainstream.

Do you have a website? Make it available as an onion service today!

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