Could Someone Explain the "Link Tax" to Me?

September 13, 2018 10:09

Article 11, which critics have dubbed a “link tax”, would force news aggregation and search sites such as Google and Facebook to pay publishers for showing news snippets or linking to news stories on other sites.

The Guardian

What? Isn't Facebook and Twitter where publishers get majority of their traffic from?

You've probably heard of this new piece of EU legislation and the controversial articles 11 and 13. I don't know enough of the article 13 to really have an opinion about it, but the article 11 seems really scary. Lets hope that it doesn't go through like this.

Article 11 is really bad news for news aggregators or RSS readers like Social Layer. No one seems to be absolutely sure what the concrete implications of this will be. Maybe this will be like GDPR (if this will ever pass the final vote) that nothing really changes that much after all.

So, how does it work. Do I have to pay because I just linked to an article in The Guardian? How much money will I get if The Guardian ever links (I wish) to my blog?

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