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# Skillhive

Skillhive is my main day job and I've been working on it since early 2010.

[ Skillhive ]

# Innota

Innota is a platform for building extremely fast and reliable web sites. Its main focus are SMB's and bloggers. It's got a powerful templating engine that lets you create exactly the site you want.

[ Innota ]

# Social Layer

A next generation RSS reader with a focus on the social aspect of the web and the links that build the web.

Built on a serverless architecture on AWS Lambda and DynamoDB.

[ Social Layer ]

# Jackdaw's Nest

Jackdaw's Nest is a minimalist and decidedly nerdy blogging platform that has a unique approach to writing and managing your posts. It's very simple, everything is basically just a single big file.

It's for all the emacs and vim lovers out there.

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