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# JavaScript Frustration 2016/10/05

I'm starting to get frustrated with all the front-end development kits. I'm more of a back-end guy and I've been spoiled by Symfony's long term support, excellent documentation and punctual release cycle. I wish some JS frameworks would offer the same kind of enterpriseyness.

# Note to Self: Check out Aurelia 2015/11/16

There's a hot new name in the JavaScript world: Aurelia. This one goes straight to the top of my tools-to-check-out list.

It's still in pre-beta, but it looks interesting. Documentation is good (especially for a pre-beta) and it seems to focus on real world use cases like routing instead of trying to be the fastest framework or rendering engine compared to others.

From a first glance one of the coolest things in Aurelia is the fact that it relies heavily on plain JavaScript classes and ES2016. So most of the code you write is just plain JavaScript and not tightly coupled to Aurelia. I've been wanting to try out some of the new features of ES2015 and ES2016 and now I've got a great chance to try out ES2016 and a new framework.

ps. If you're confused with all the ES5, ES6 and ES-whatnot names, here's a good explanation by Ben McCormick.