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# Welcome to Helsinki 2017/11/28

Welcome to Helsinki, AWS CloudFront! CloudFront adds a new point of presence in Helsinki, Finland. This is great! I hope we'll see new services and maybe even a new region popping up here in Finland.

# AWS London Region Open 2016/12/15

AWS has just opened a new region in London making the total number of regions 16, of which three are in Europe. When will we see the first one in northern Europe? Finland, maybe? :)

Google is already here enjoying the cold weather and Yandex heats up a small Finnish town with their datacenter. Where's AWS?

# AWS Elastic Beanstalk: First Impressions 2016/12/02

I've been building my first app in AWS Elastic Beanstalk. There's a lot to like in this platform.

There's a learning curve when you setup the system, but once you're done everything seems to be working smoothly. Deployments are easy from command line and I haven't had any problems so far.

Here's the things that I like the most:

I'm still learning and I'm probably not utilizing the full potential of Elastic Beanstalk.

# AWS Cognito 2016/09/29

I've just done my first tests with AWS Cognito. It's pretty cool but I haven't done anything substantial with it yet.

# AWS CloudFront Supports HTTP/2 2016/09/28

Today we are launching HTTP/2 support for CloudFront.

AWS Blog

This is great! It seems Amazon is pushing HTTPS everywhere with their recent announcement of free SSL certificates and now HTTP/2 support.

# CloudFront Supports gzip 2015/12/20

Amazon CloudFront can now compress your objects at the edge. You can now configure CloudFront to automatically apply GZIP compression when browsers and other clients request a compressed object with text and other compressible file formats.

Amazon AWS

This is great news, it's about time. Hopefully HTTP/2 comes next, right Amazon?