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# Dear Google, Why Don't You Know What Kind of Music I Like? 2017/09/11

Dear Google, you probably know me better than I do myself. I know you know that I listen to a lot of music every day. You already have all the music I've ever owned and even some albums that actually belong to my kids.

I used to rely on your arch enemy, Spotify, to recommend me new and interesting music I didn't even know existed. Recommendations work great in Spotify. For example, I've recently discovered some hidden gems such as Mt. Wolf and Zola Blood.

Why, Dear Google, didn't you recommend me these bands? Also, you already know I own seven Tori Amos albums, so why didn't you think I would be interested in her latest record? Or Sleep Well Beast by The National that I've listened to hundreds of times using your Google Play Music service?

Don't you care enough of me to remember what kind of music I like? Or is Google Play Music just one of your side projects that will get shut down when you start another project (yes, I'm thinking Google Reader)?

Please, dear Google, remind me when there's some great new music available. It's okay to even wake me up everytime Tori Amos releases a new album. Or The Cure, or Björk. Or any of the other all-time favourites that I have. But you already know those, don't you? Don't you?