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# Google's Oct 4th Big Event 2017/10/04

Google has a big event later today and it's expected to release a new high-end Chromebook. I've had my eyes on a new laptop for some time now and I'm even considering a Chromebook.

The previous Google Chromebook Pixels were gorgeous devices. The biggest problem with them was their availability here in Finland. I guess you could have ordered them somehow from the States but you wouldn't have a Finnish/Swedish keyboard and probably would avoid warranty and what not. So the previous Pixels were pretty much non existent for me. I'm hoping this time will be different.

# AWS London Region Open 2016/12/15

AWS has just opened a new region in London making the total number of regions 16, of which three are in Europe. When will we see the first one in northern Europe? Finland, maybe? :)

Google is already here enjoying the cold weather and Yandex heats up a small Finnish town with their datacenter. Where's AWS?

# Google Search Going Mobile First 2016/11/08

our algorithms will eventually primarily use the mobile version of a site’s content to rank pages from that site

Google Webmaster Central Blog

Just a few days ago the news broke that mobile Internet usage exceeds desktop globally and now Google's search index will start using mobile versions as its primary source.

Do you need more convincing that you should take mobile Internet seriously?