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# How Fast is AMP? 2018/03/20

And for more often than not, these non-AMP versions are heavy and slow. If you’re reading news on these sites and you didn’t click through specifically to the AMP library, then AMP hasn’t done a single thing to improve your experience. AMP hasn’t solved the core problem; it has merely hidden it a little bit.

Tim Kadlec

Here's a great and in-depth analysis of the performance of Accelerated Mobile Pages by Tim Kadlec. AMP doesn't offer anything you can't do with a proper build process and any CDN you choose. But if you want your pages to appear in the Google search carousel, AMP is your only option.

I don't really know what to think of AMP anymore. I like the idea of making the web faster, but I'm starting to think that AMP is not the way to go. AMP is only useful, if you want your content to be displayed in the Google search carousel. Period. That's it. If you want your website to load fast, just make it fast. You don't need AMP for that.

# Playing Around with PHP Caching Static Files 2016/09/28

For some reason I've never used var_export before, but it seems like a useful tool for caching PHP objects or arrays.

I just read a blog post about using the filesystem as a cache for full PHP objects and the results can be pretty good.